The Members

        Susan Nyamawi 

A professional video editor and producer with a Diploma in Mass communication (TV/VIDEO production) from Star Media Institute Nairobi. A digital mapper  with Samburu Eco-tourism group and is also doing social work. Contributing towards uplifting the lives of the under privileged is her satisfaction.

Nyae Hassan Nyamawi

Hassan was born in 1978 in Chengoni location-Samburu of  Kwale county-Kenya.He is  involved in community based tourism development and project management at Dzilaz C.B.O as a team leader. professional in community development and project management and Diploma holder from Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality Nairobi.Hassan did mapping exercise with Plan international Kenya under the project of  YETAM.

Kalimbo Mkalla 

Kalimbo was born in chengoni,samburu of Mombasa Kenya. He is a digital  mapper and blogger with samburu Eco tourism under a project of YETAM(Plan international Kenya). He was trained in Counseling,life skill,HIV/AIDS as a peer educator,Community communicator,social marketing ,information & communication technology.He is the departmental head of ICT at samburu community learning center.

Luvuno Kombo

Luvuno was born in  Chengoni location-Samburu Division -Kwale county,coast province.  Involved  in the community development and Eco-tourism. A professional in I.T with a Diploma, and also a mapper.

Ramadhan Mmti

A Mapper and Bloger with an ambition of using my skills to Market the Samburu Eco-Tourism Sites located in Samburu Division [Samburu my Village Township]Kinango District,Kwale County Kenya to open up more employment opportunities in the Tourism Industry hence Develop my community Livelihood.

Hassan Bati

Hassan is a mapper and a member of  Dzilaz  community based organization which is situated along Mombasa road, Coast Province.

Dennis Leli

Dennis was involved in  the mapping exercise under Samburu eco-tourism group which is sponsored by plan international under (YETAM-project)Youth empowerment through  art and media. He is a professional in the field of Human Resource/Personnel management and currently the chairman of  Samburu Community Learning Centre in Kinango district of Kwale county.

Ali Njemo

Ali was born in the year 1980 and is a resident of Chegoni location Samburu of Kwale county. He is a member of Samburu Eco-tourism and a mapper. His vision is to ensure there is a rapid opening of employment through Eco-tourism industry within Samburu Kwale county.


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