general community information

The samburu ecotourism group with the surport from NCCK,CRSP othe community members established the youth BUNGE  officially registered as KINANGO CITIZEN ASSEMBLY;

The key issues that they are focusing on is ; 

. EDUCATION- Especially girl child education,cases of defilement in schools




Its covering Kinango district


Empowering communities in self governors and sustainable development hence transparency and accountability. 

success story;

the assembly managed to enforce policly to the chanzou despensary where its funding was frouded by one of the committee member from the community. together with the community managed to arrest him and now serving 5 years prison.

please visite us to see on going.

our parliament is in the DZILAZ CBO CENTRE HOTEL .  W e will be meeting on the 21/06/2012 at  exact 1000hrs.

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