Dzilaz CBO

Dzilaz Highway Motel


Is a community based organization which involves in eco-cultural tourism projects in Samburu. Dzilaz is located in Samburu about 800 meters from Samburu Township along Mombasa-Nairobi highway. DZILAZ was formed to improve community livelihood through eco-tourism activities among other community development projects. DZILAZ is a combination of two community base groups known as DZILOLE youth for development and LAZALAZA group who have the same mandate and objectives to run the tourism projects.  DZILAZ organization operates in Samburu and Chengoni location and also network with other tourism site as members from macknon road location, Makamini location and Taru location of Samburu division. DZILAZ C.B.O managed to establish a Motel, Conference facility and accommodation and recreational sites. DZILAZ organize events as bellow;




-outside catering

-showcase of traditional culture:

Marriage renewal in Duruma culture

Traditional customary wedding

Magic shows

Traditional Dance

-Organizing sports events:








-Food and beverage

-Traditional foods


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