Samburu Eco-tourism is a community based initiative which was started in the year 2007, with an aim of empowering  Samburu community through  Ec0-cultural tourism in Samburu Division, Kwale county  in the coast province of Kenya. This site showcases the Eco-cultural sites and attractions that Samburu area has to offer.

The site is run by Dzilaz C.B.O – a group of  mixed people where by the youth or young form  the majority  Samburu  who are committed to improving the community livelihood  through Eco-tourism and community development.

About Samburu

Samburu is located in Kwale County, along the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway, 64 km from Mombasa.It is 1,811 sq km area. The indigenous community is DURUMA,but has mostly recently grown into a metropolitan community with various tribes.

Being the Divisional headquarters of Samburu Division,it contains several businesses and government offices that have contributed to its growth.

In the past couple of years, many non-governmental organizations have stepped in to assist the government in reaching vision 2030 in Samburu.

A large number of the Samburu community languishes in poverty because they depend on farming and the area is characterized as a semi-arid land.


To alleviate poverty in Samburu community through Eco-tourism.


To assist the community in identifying eco-tourism activities and utilize them to improve their livelihood.

Creation of job opportunities.

Creation of awareness to the community  and advocate against environment disruption and  children protection


To be the best and leading community based eco-tourism organization internationally.


Promote our reach diverse cultural heritage in a sustainable way that will enable the community to practice Eco-tourism.



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