waatha community- living in a hush condition

19 Oct

waatha community is suffering substantially from drought and famine which is a result of poor rain which is caused by environmental degradation by people who have ventured into charcoals burning as the available option for livelihood.

The community fundamentally lack membership and mobilization to sensitize the effective campaign awareness. The major problem identified within the Waatha community is negative impact contributed by ignorance, illiteracy and drop out from school. Parents not taking up their responsibilities with  seriousness that it deserves .( Due to drunkenness )high number of girl child  school dropout , early marriages, poaching young girl child as a domestic servant see attached appendix for 2009/2010 and 2011. Due to irresponsibility of the parents, girl’s performances is greatly affected. Education is not taken as a serious business. Lack of membership from the community act as a living example, these posses as a great challenge. Hence need for awareness, Empowerment and knowledge based campaigned to promote education and better livelihood.

To gather information on data base regarding Waatha community  from one village to another. The Waatha community  live from mouth to  mouth  whereby if the  bread-winner does not go to bushes  to harvest  charcoal on extreme end when pushed by hunger hunt wild animal, then the family is left at God’s mercy. The business communities at different shopping centers have formed up culture of giving out food on credit to waatha with an objective that they pay back  foodstuff and ration  on regular sales of charcoal. Women and young girls have to look for daily work like washing clothes,  fetching  water for construction  to get   their daily survival, as such,  mobilization of this community requires  RESOURCES and TIME for effective  implementation.

we are asking the rest of the world’s communities to assist this marginalized group in any way.

This group is living in Kwale county,Taita and Kilifi counties. come and experience the challenged community.


One Response to “waatha community- living in a hush condition”

  1. ECOTERRA Intl. October 11, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    The people are the Watha, one of the five First Nations of Kenya, (Waatha is Indonesian).

    Their sad history after the invasion of the British colonialists and their present, desperate and marginalized situation has first of all its root-causes in the loss of their vast homeland, which was turned into “Queens National Park” (today Tsavo National Park) from where the Watha Nation (don’t call them a “tribe”) was evicted.

    They are genuine conservation refugees and need the legal support to claim back their rights, which the post-colonial government has not yet reconstituted.

    To just lament issues, which derive out of their marginalized present situation, like in the article above, is just appalling.

    Real help is required and not hand-outs or masterminding spread of denigrating “assessments” as provided above.

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