Kilibasi community based tourism organisation

8 Nov

Kilibasi is a community based tourism project which aims at establishing nature and culture walks to earn a living. The Site is known as Mdugani nature walk, it is located at kilibasi sub-location of macknon road location Kwale County. It is 2 hours drive from Mombasa city and about 20 minutes drive from the Tsavo East gate, the nature walk is in kilibasi Hill.

                                       Kilibasi cave

The area is in the ASAL zone and wildlife corridor, for those interested to see wildlife just pay a visit to kilibasi and you will be able to sport them.  We do -Showcase of nature, culture to earn living; these are the attractions we are offering to our clients, Waatha Traditional Dance. You will be Surprised to see a Map of Africa on a naturaly curved rock, petfied frog stone and the unique weather culture and its history well known as wariangulo who live in caves and also depend on honey and meat as their staple food. It is unique culturalcommunity as they are endangered with a sparsely population of about 1320 People.



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