8 Nov

Tourism fosters education and development of infrastructure through ICT, this has made the community realize their challenges and advocate against child abuse.

During a mapping survey carried out in September –November 2011 YETAM( youth empowerment through technology, arts and media) project facilitated by Plan International Kenya and carried out by Samburu Eco-Tourism. We were able to map 44 schools in Samburu Division. The statistics show that there is very high number of students dropping out of  school because of inadequate teachers, poor sanitation facilities, high students-toilet ratio – leading to many children to defecate in the bush, poor infrastructure like classrooms, furniture  (e.g desks, teacher’s tables). Students are frequently attacked by wild animals when going to school due to distance from home to schools.

During mapping exercise  some  school e.g . Shauri Moyo PrimaryMwangoloto Primary School, Mulunguni Primary School, Magale Primary School had crucial challenges,they include inadequate toilets,classrooms,furniture and learning materials.The schools we  visited we noted that there were no access to clean and  fresh water hence consuming of contaminated water. A vivid example of poor classroom structure is  shown above in Makamini primary school.


As the above photo  of MAKAMINI PRIMARY SCHOOL  which was ranked the last school Kenya. the issue is the infrastructure comparing to other school. unless miracle happen in this school the next results will tell.

Can the kwale county community and leaders come together and see what has to be done.

Was it because of the learners,teachers,parents or leaders ? for me one is because of the leader commitments as the structures can not take anywhere the good pupils/learners yes you can not imagine doing exam here and making stones as their seats.

where are the leaders and role models?

Other school miss their examination results from samburu like ROCK OF AGES TARU.what’s really happening?


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