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waatha community- living in a hush condition

19 Oct

waatha community is suffering substantially from drought and famine which is a result of poor rain which is caused by environmental degradation by people who have ventured into charcoals burning as the available option for livelihood.

The community fundamentally lack membership and mobilization to sensitize the effective campaign awareness. The major problem identified within the Waatha community is negative impact contributed by ignorance, illiteracy and drop out from school. Parents not taking up their responsibilities with  seriousness that it deserves .( Due to drunkenness )high number of girl child  school dropout , early marriages, poaching young girl child as a domestic servant see attached appendix for 2009/2010 and 2011. Due to irresponsibility of the parents, girl’s performances is greatly affected. Education is not taken as a serious business. Lack of membership from the community act as a living example, these posses as a great challenge. Hence need for awareness, Empowerment and knowledge based campaigned to promote education and better livelihood.

To gather information on data base regarding Waatha community  from one village to another. The Waatha community  live from mouth to  mouth  whereby if the  bread-winner does not go to bushes  to harvest  charcoal on extreme end when pushed by hunger hunt wild animal, then the family is left at God’s mercy. The business communities at different shopping centers have formed up culture of giving out food on credit to waatha with an objective that they pay back  foodstuff and ration  on regular sales of charcoal. Women and young girls have to look for daily work like washing clothes,  fetching  water for construction  to get   their daily survival, as such,  mobilization of this community requires  RESOURCES and TIME for effective  implementation.

we are asking the rest of the world’s communities to assist this marginalized group in any way.

This group is living in Kwale county,Taita and Kilifi counties. come and experience the challenged community.


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8 Nov

Tourism fosters education and development of infrastructure through ICT, this has made the community realize their challenges and advocate against child abuse.

During a mapping survey carried out in September –November 2011 YETAM( youth empowerment through technology, arts and media) project facilitated by Plan International Kenya and carried out by Samburu Eco-Tourism. We were able to map 44 schools in Samburu Division. The statistics show that there is very high number of students dropping out of  school because of inadequate teachers, poor sanitation facilities, high students-toilet ratio – leading to many children to defecate in the bush, poor infrastructure like classrooms, furniture  (e.g desks, teacher’s tables). Students are frequently attacked by wild animals when going to school due to distance from home to schools.

During mapping exercise  some  school e.g . Shauri Moyo PrimaryMwangoloto Primary School, Mulunguni Primary School, Magale Primary School had crucial challenges,they include inadequate toilets,classrooms,furniture and learning materials.The schools we  visited we noted that there were no access to clean and  fresh water hence consuming of contaminated water. A vivid example of poor classroom structure is  shown above in Makamini primary school.


As the above photo  of MAKAMINI PRIMARY SCHOOL  which was ranked the last school Kenya. the issue is the infrastructure comparing to other school. unless miracle happen in this school the next results will tell.

Can the kwale county community and leaders come together and see what has to be done.

Was it because of the learners,teachers,parents or leaders ? for me one is because of the leader commitments as the structures can not take anywhere the good pupils/learners yes you can not imagine doing exam here and making stones as their seats.

where are the leaders and role models?

Other school miss their examination results from samburu like ROCK OF AGES TARU.what’s really happening?

Macknon road C.B.O

8 Nov

Macknon road community curio shop


A Macknon project [C.B.O] situated at Macknon-road along Mombasa- Nairobi highway. It takes two hours drive from Mombasa. Kindly halt to the curio shop and be a part of the community member. The marginalized community benefit   after purchase of an item, which improve their life standard and in education. Curios are available come and enjoy youself.


8 Nov

Dzilaz conference hall at samburu

Dzilaz Highway Motel  is a project by world vision Australia(wvk) for the community under Dzilaz C.B.O.

Dzilaz is a union of two groups from Chengoni and Samburu  locations of kinango district in kwale county.The two groups were Dzilole and Lazalaza which by picking the two first letters that is DZI for Dzilaz and Laz for Lazalaza,they came up with the name Dzilaz. We safari to all the sites within Samburu and Tsavo,you can book to visit all the said sites and also get refreshed at DZILAZ MOTEL.


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The heritage of the  Duruma culture with pleasant and delicious meals to taste the two worlds.

Dzilaz is truly a home away from home.

The motel offers you buffet survices,bar services equipped with most wanted drinks and many special kind  of meals on request.

Conference hall

The Dzilaz Highway Motel also has a very nice serenity with a specious and comfortable conference halls,well ventilated accommodating upto over 150 people.


The  Dzilaz Highway Motel offers you a very cool luxurious hostels with quality beddings to make your night a paradise.In the hostels,you also have a big (LCD)screen for you to enjoy your favourable local channels.

The cultural dance


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The Dzilaz Highway Motel welcomes you with a great hospitality.A very vibrant and impressing cultural dances with some magic shows in fire eating,pot dancing and cultural perfection by a one legged man dance.

The souvenirs

Dzilaz Highway Motel  has a very interesting and pleasant artifacts at very friendly prices.

The compound

The Dzilaz Highway Motel offers you a full security  compound with a nice parking and pleasant vegetation which contributes to the entire peace and beauty of the area and the clean  aeration and ventilation.


The Dzilaz Highway Motel ON THE MAP